Meet Our Team

The Kolton Lab, under the leadership of Dr. Max Kolton, is a melting pot of dedicated scientists, researchers, and students, each contributing their expertise to our innovative research in soil microbiome and ecosystem functionality.

Dr. Max Kolton - Lab Director
  • Role: Senior Lecturer & Principal Investigator
  • Expertise: Soil and water sciences, environmental metagenomics, proteomics.
- Lab Manager
  • Role: Tania Acuna
  • Expertise: Plant ecology lab technician
Wout Yi Moe Oo
  • Role: (2022 – Present) Master Student
  • Expertise: actively involved in groundbreaking research.
Natalie Toren
  • Role: (2022 – Present) Ph.D. Candidate
  • Expertise: working in collaboration with Dr. Ran Erel from the Gilat Research Center, Israel. Recipient of the prestigious Negev High-tech, Bio-tech, and Chem-tech Doctoral Fellowship.
Lingyan Zhang (Ciel)
  • Role: (2022 – Present) Master Student
  • Expertise: contributing significantly to our ongoing projects.
Uttam Kumar
  • Role: (2022 – Present) Ph.D. Candidate
  • Expertise: honored with the Negev-Tsin Scholarship for his exceptional academic achievements.
Sweta Kumari
  • Role: (2023 – Present) Master Student
  • Expertise: conducting her research in collaboration with Dr. Orah Felicia Mosheh from the Volcani Institute, Israel. Awarded the Goldman Sonnenfeldt School of Sustainability and Climate Change (GS-SSCC) Master Scholarship.
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